• A big thanks goes out to "Mel65" for posting our link on the Toolalla

  • Thank you Shawn for your input and volunteering your time to work on
    some projects.

  • Super pats on the back to the Australian Rep's, for bringing together two
    countries in a smooth transaction.  We look forward to a long
    relationship and the promotion of the Coolie, worldwide.   

  • Thanks Lorrie for taking time out of your busy schedule to volunteer
    your time and answer questions about SAR.

  • Lora and "Never" are our ambassadors in the northern part of the USA; a
    big thanks and congratulations to Lora on Never's up and coming career
    as a top-notch trial dog.

  • Thanks to everyone that has made, and is continuing to make, this
    merge happen; with photographs, research, input, web design, pointers,