The German Coolie Club of America was formed in 2005.  The club was formed as a result
of the lack of German Coolie related organizations within the United States of America. In
forming this club we hope to bring attention to the breed, and to provide information and help
to owners of the breed.  With the German Coolie becoming more and more popular, it was
voted on and decided to enter into a partnership with the countries of Australia and Canada
in the preservation and promotion of the German Coolie as the unique breed of dog that it
has been since the 1800's.  The German Coolie Club of America is now known as the

The objectives of the GCRC are as follows:

a) to encourage and promote the breeding of quality purebred German Coolie, and to do all
possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;

b) to educate members, prospective members, owners and judges;

c) to urge breeders to adhere to the standard of the breed as approved by the German
Coolie Registry as the only standard of excellence by which German Coolie shall be judged;

d) to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed through a code of
ethics, and sportsman-like conduct at various activities.