Lorrie's Bio:
Lorrie Clemmo has been actively involved in Canine Search & Rescue (K9
SAR) for over 15 years, and has trained and handled trailing dogs, wilderness
airscent dogs, urban search & rescue dogs, and cadaver dogs. Her K9 SAR
career started with tracking and trailing dogs, utilizing both Bloodhounds and
Bloodhound crosses. One of her original Bloodhounds was donated to the NJ
Dept of the Corrections and went on to work many successful criminal trails.
Her first airscent dog, "Claire" a Border Collie, went on to record multiple live
and cadaver finds in the wilderness and at disaster searches. Her current
airscent dog, "Blitz", also a Border Collie, is a FEMA certifed Urban Search &
Rescue (USAR) Dog with New Jersey Task Force One (NJ-TF1). NJ-TF1 is a
specialty team under the NJ State Police OEM trained to respond to man made
and natural disasters. Lorrie and Blitz were deployed to the World Trade
Center (WTC) on 09/11/01 making multiple recovery finds. Claire and Lorrie
deployed afterwards to Freshkill Landfill in Staten Island. Recognizing the
need for cadaver specialty canines, Lorrie currently certified, "Max", her Black
Lab, exclusively in human remains detection. Max is one of two NJ state
certified recovery canines.

Lorrie spent many years with Northeast Search & Rescue of Stroudsburg, PA
serving as their canine coordinator for 6 years, helping to train wilderness
airscent and cadaver dogs. She has responded to over 200 wilderness
searches, and several major disasters including hurricanes Opal & Floyd, the
WTC, and Freshkill Landfill rescue and recovery operations. She has also
co-authored 3 Search & Rescue training programs (videos and manuals) that
are sold world wide through the National Association of Search and Rescue

Lorrie is currently a Canine Search Specialist and the Canine Coordinator with
NJ-TF1, working K9's "Blitz" and "Max". She also just recently obtained evaluator
status for SUSAR (State Urban Search & Rescue Teams).

NJ-TF1 earned induction into the Animal Hall of Fame for their unselfish and
courageous efforts during their search and rescue efforts during the WTC
disaster. These animals fearlessly searched through burned debris, ignoring
burnt paws, cuts and other obstacles to look for survivors and victims.

"The Search and Rescue Dog Foundation"
A very, very special "THANK YOU" goes out to "The Search and Rescue Dog
Foundation" of Barrington, New Jersey. The Foundation offers monetary grants
to handlers whose SAR dogs are retiring, injured, or otherwise can no longer
perform their duties as a Search & Rescue dog and are needing to purchase
another dog. Lorrie Clemmo was able to purchase her new puppy (German
Coolie - Huck) through the most gracious monetary grant from The
Foundation. The Search and Rescue Dog Foundation is a non-profit
organization, therefore; any contributions are tax deductable. "ANY" donation
would be graciously and thankfully accepted.

Anyone wishing to donate to this very worthy cause, please contact:
The Search and Rescue Dog Foundation
114 Moore Ave
Barrington, NJ 08007

Lorrie Clemmo is the Committee chairperson for the SAR
program with the IGCS&R.  Lorrie has graciously
volunteered her time and effort to chair this position.