The Coolie Registry

In May, 2004, the long journey was started on a quest for knowledge and research concerning the German Coolie
breed.  German Coolies have been in America for many years, but are relatively unknown outside of the herding

It was noted that the majority of Australian's, that still depended on the Coolie as a working dog, prefer the name of
the breed to be referred to as the German Coolie, or just the Coolie.

The Coolie Registry (TCR) was established April 20, 2005.  The Registry was created to preserve and maintain the
pedigrees and historical records of the German Coolie breed, sometimes called the German Colley/Collie, German
Koolie, and/or Kuli.

After much discussion with other long time Coolie owners and breeders, The Coolie Registry decided not to change
the name of this historical breed to the Australian Koolie, because they may in fact not be the same breed as the
newly "created" Australian Koolie.  The authentic German Coolie has a known long lineage, proven working abilities
and has been with some of the same stockmen for many generations.  By changing the name, it would be like losing
or disregarding a part of Australian and German history.  The German Coolie was (and still is) an icon of a herding
dog and that many Shepherds depended on their dog.  The Coolie is as important now to the livestock industry, as
they were in the 1800's.  They are still responsible for cutting economic losses with their natural herding ability,
impeccable work ethics and biddability, thus saving the producer many man-hours of work.  Time is money in the
agriculture world.  A good herding dog can take the place of 4 to 6 cowboys.  To change the name would be
dishonoring those that worked so hard to perfect what we love about the Coolie breed to this very day.

TCR Purpose:

The TCR is and will continue striving to protect the integrity of pedigrees that are kept by the Registry.

The Purpose is:

  • Research, Document, and Preserve historical written and any pictorial information in reference to
    the German Coolie
  • Assist owners and breeders in keeping accurate and concise records of their German Coolie
  • Offer services to assist the owners and breeders in preserving, documenting and keeping the
    integrity of the pedigrees and litter information of the German Coolie
  • Offer a central location where owners and breeders can have the peace of mind that the
    information concerning their German Coolie is preserved with the integrity and honesty that the
    breed deserves
  • Educating the public about the German Coolie