Coolies are confident all-round dogs with a natural ability to head, heel, gather and fetch, as well as
drive, livestock. When gathering livestock together, they have the ability to keep them together
quietly and confidently using speed and force when needed. They will also hold the livestock using
their body language, when necessary. Some Coolies will "back" sheep (jumping on the back of the
sheep to get the front ones moving). "Backing" isn't commonly taught or practiced in the USA.
To be able to work livestock effectively, a Coolie must be able to go from a dead stop to full run and
from a full run to a dead stop.  The dog must be able to, at a full run, trot or walk, pivot and turn and
continue their task.  Depending on the geographic location of where they work, they must be able to
cover many miles a day, negotiate all types of terrain (climbing, jumping, crawling, balancing).   They
are masters at these maneuvers.