The German Coolie
Physical Description and Size

Sizes range from 16 inches to 23 inches at the shoulder and 35 to 50 pounds in weight. Physical appearance
depends on their environment and the stockmen's needs. Coolies that are specifically used for herding cattle in
rugged large open terrain tend to have longer legs and heavier bones with solid frames. Coolies that are specifically
used for herding sheep, or that are used for loading trucks and in yards tend to be smaller, lighter framed with
leaner bodies. Smooth coats are preferred over the long coated dogs. The ears can be dropped or pricked, pricked
being preferred by most. The Coolie come in any color except brindle. The merle coloration is preferred by most.


The German Coolie displays a temperament which is friendly, attentive, and outgoing. They are never aggressive
and have usually never met a stranger. They are loyal, devoted with a strong bond to their owner and family. If
properly socialized, they adore children.

Coolies are known for their intelligence and herding desire. They are exceedingly attentive, respond quickly and
eagerly to training. They have the ability to adapt to any situation.

Characteristics and Working Ability

Coolies have impeccable work ethics, unsurpassed biddability and superior temperaments. They are a versatile
breed and excel at any task that is set before them, rather it be herding livestock; performing in the sports arena;
Search and Rescue; or just being a companion.

Coolies are confident all-round dogs with a natural ability to head, heel, gather and fetch, as well as drive, livestock.
When gathering livestock together, they have the ability to keep them together quietly and confidently using speed
and force when needed. They will also hold the livestock using their body language, when necessary. Some Coolies
will "back" sheep (jumping on the back of the sheep to get the front ones moving). "Backing" isn't commonly taught
or practiced in the USA.

Coolies are hardy, athletic, displaying endurance and enough speed to outrun and head stock when required. They
have the ability to be tough and gritty on incompliant livestock and soft when the livestock are complying. They
remain alert on the job and relax when they are off livestock. Some call this an "on and off switch".

Coolies are extremely intelligent, take very few lessons to learn and naturally seem to know what to do while thinking
for himself. They readily take direction and commands. Coolies can adjust to any situation without stress and some
look forward to a challenge.

Dog Care

Most Coolies are known to love water. If there is a body of water, the Coolie can usually be found swimming. Bathing
is necessary for these water-loving dogs as many water-borne diseases can be found in many lakes, rivers, creeks
and ponds. The short coated Coolies are more wash and wear, whereas the longer coated ones require brushing to
avoid mats in their coat.  A good quality dog food, whether it be dry kibble or canned food is sufficient for this active

Health Issues and Life Expectancy

Coolies are known for being vigorously healthy dogs with no known conditions that affect them as a breed. They are
tough, strong and possess excellent stamina and endurance. Some Coolies have been known to live into their 20's,
while the normal life expectancy is 10 to 15 years.