What is a German Coolie?
The German Coolie is a herding bred dog.   They were bred for the specific purpose of herding livestock.
The exact time and origin of development is not known, but it is thought they were developed around the
late 1700's or early 1800's.  See the
history of the Coolie for more information.

Can the German Coolie be other colors beside merle?
YES!  The Coolie can be any color, except brindle.  Some want to make others believe that the Coolie is an
all merle breed, this is not correct.  For a look at the many colors of the Coolie, please visit the

Is the German Coolie good with kids?
German Coolies are basically very good with children if they have been raised with children, and
sometimes even when they have not been around them. One of the basic prerequisites for your children and
your puppy to have a good relationship is to teach the child, as well as the puppy, what is allowed. Babies
and toddlers should not be left unattended with your dog, no matter what breed. A child should learn not to
handle the dog roughly or tease him. The parent, not the child, should be responsible for correcting the
puppy if he gets too rough. Puppies and dogs have a tendency to look at children as "siblings" in the social
order of the family, and the dog should never be allowed to get the upper position over the child. Something
that sometimes occurs with Coolie puppies and kids is that, in play, the puppy may chase and nip at the
heels of the child. This is because the dog is bred to herd and he is trying to "herd" the child because it is
natural to herd something moving. In this situation, it is a good idea to have the child stop running and tell
the dog "no bite." This should not be confused with actually trying to harm the child, but the game should not
be encouraged.

I don't live on a farm or ranch; I live in a house in the city. Can I still raise a happy
YES!  *SOME* Coolies do well in a city/suburban type setting, but some do not.  This will depend on the
individual dog.  The breeder should be able to determine if the puppy/dog you buy is suited for non-farm
living.   Coolie's do need a lot of exercise and thrive on mental stimulation. This does not mean that they
have to be herding all day.  With proper exercise and obedience your Coolie will be perfectly fine living in
the city. Participating in other activities such as agility are also beneficial and fun for you and your dog.  As
a new owner of a Coolie, please understand this is a herding bred dog and therefore; will be genetically
inclined to *herd* anything that moves, rather it be livestock, insects, joggers, cars, children, cats -- anything
that moves is fair game for this herding dog.
 A Coolie that has a strong desire to herd may not be suitable
for life in an apartment, city type dwelling, or in a "pet only" type family.

How much does a Coolie usually cost?
Price varies from breeder to breeder. If purchasing a puppy in the United States, expect to pay anywhere
from $350 and up for a good quality pup, plus the cost of shipping (includes plane ticket, air kennel, health
certificate from a Veterinarian, and fuel costs), which usually runs about $300 to $450.  Cost depends on
which airline is used and the weight of the puppy/dog at time of shipping.  If importing from Australia, the
cost is at least $300AUD for a pup plus the cost of importation into the USA or Canada is about

Do they have a sense of humor?
Do they ever!!  Guaranteed to be entertaining.  Just take a look at these candid shots of some very funny
Are they athletic?
Yes.  To be able to work livestock effectively, a Coolie must be able to go from a dead stop to full run and
from a full run to a dead stop.
 The dog must be able to, at a full run, trot or walk, pivot and turn and continue
their task.  
Depending on the geographic location of where they work, they must be able to cover many
miles a day, negotiate all types of terrain (climbing, jumping, crawling, balancing).   They are masters at
ese maneuvers.