For information on having your Coolie DNA parentage tested, DNA
profiled, or tested for the merle gene, please contact us!
If you have a German Coolie, and would like your dog to
be one of many that are representing the German Coolie
as a breed in the United States, Canada and Australia,
and would like to participate in the
Canine Heritage Project

The Canine Genetic Heritage Project
Preserving the genetic past for future generations

A complete DNA sequence of the dog is now available to academic
researchers throughout the world. This resource, which was funded by the
National Institutes of Health at a cost of over $30 Million, renders obsolete all
preceding genetic maps of the dog, and creates an entirely new opportunity to
tie genes to diseases and traits.

To fully leverage this emerging resource ,the Genetics Research Laboratory is
calling for cheek swab samples from distinct populations of dogs with the
express purpose of assembling a comprehensive genetic repository that
represents all of 'dogdom'. While the current DNA bank adequately reflects the
genetic legacy of more than 100 recognized breeds, an additional 400
international canine populations remain unrepresented.  The German Coolie is
one of those canine populations that remain unrepresented.