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The GERMAN COOLIE REGISTRY AND CLUB (GCRC) asserts that its membership has the obligation to the German
Coolie breed to preserve the magnificence of the breed without exploiting it. In addition, it is asserted by the Society
that its membership owes an obligation to future members and others interested in the German Coolie breed to supply
factual information without misrepresentation.

It is urged and encouraged that members and breeders to accept one breed standard for the German Coolie as
approved by the Registry as the only standard of excellence by which German Coolies shall be judged; "It is the
mission of this Registry and the mission of its members to preserve the breed rather than change it."

It is urged that dogs and bitches only be bred where it is conscientiously felt that such breeding will result in
improvement of the breed, and that the owners of both bitch and dog in each breeding supply each other with
accurate and complete information on their dog or bitch with respect to hip dysplasia, Cerebellar Abiotrophy and any
other known genetic fault or undesirable characteristic of which you are aware and have reason to believe could be a

The Registry considers all puppies to be of value, but contends that all puppies resulting from test breedings should
not be placed unless they are altered or are tested bred clear prior to placement.

Each breeder should attempt to accurately evaluate each puppy for the prospective purchaser. Should the breeder
become aware of the possibility, or of the necessity, for testing at a later date the buyer should be so advised.

Where there is a written agreement, each breeder should be willing to replace a puppy that has been sold or to
refund all or a portion of the purchase price if the puppy proves to have a structural defect. It should be considered
acceptable to limit the time for such replacement or refund by written agreement and to provide for confirmation of any
structural defect by the breeder’s veterinarian.

Each breeder should maintain good sanitation and health care for his dogs not only for the sake of his dogs, but also
to set a good example for prospective new owners.

Each breeder should offer assistance to the new owner with respect to the care and feeding of his or her dog,
pointing out the need for selecting a veterinarian immediately for routine health care, and stressing the needed
immunizations as well as yearly booster shots.

Each breeder should impress upon the new owner the importance of being a good “dog neighbor”. Breeders should
stress that owners must carefully supervise all Coolie's in households with small children or pets. Every Coolie
becomes the “real representative of the breed” if involved in one misdeed.

It is recommended that all transactions involving breeding, or the sales of dogs or bitches of any age be evidenced by
contracts in writing.

It is further recommended that all Coolie's used in breeding be hip x-rayed by a veterinarian with an x-ray machine
capable of producing x-ray pictures which would be acceptable to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals upon

Every breeder should furnish prospective purchasers with information on hip dysplasia, Cerebellar Abiotrophy or any
other known genetic defect prior to the sale of any puppies. It would be of benefit to the breed and Registry if
brochures were provided at the time of sale or, preferably, prior to the time of sale in order that the buyer may
become aware of the breed problems.

In accordance with the ideals set forth in the Preamble, the German Coolie Registry and Club, herewith sets forth the
following as its Code of Ethics, and states that violation of any provision hereof by a member could constitute grounds
for suspension of membership or expulsion from the Registry/Club:

1. No member shall knowingly be involved in the sale of dog(s) through pet shops or any other type of wholesale
outlets, including but not limited to mail order houses, dog agents, or federally licensed dog dealers in the U.S. or any
foreign country or act as finder for agent/broker, or sell to institutions involved in research.

2. No member shall knowingly become involved in the sale of dog(s) to any individual or outlet whose main reason for
purchase is for resale. No member shall sell or place a dog by means of auction, nor offer a dog for raffle.

3. No member shall sell any dog or bitch (of any age) without furnishing proper transfer papers, unless at the time of
sale, both parties sign a written agreement of sale in which a stipulation is made concerning when said papers will be

4. Any puppy sold by a member with the designation “pet/companion” may be sold on a spay/neuter contract. Any
adult dog sold by a member as a “companion” may be sold on a spay/neuter contract. The breeder may retain the
registration papers until proof of sterilization.

5. No member shall offer for use at stud or use at stud any dog who has not been certified clear of hip dysplasia by
the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or a written statement from a qualified veterinarian, or a certified radiologist,
without a written stud contract stating that the stud has not been certified as indicated above.

6. No member shall sell any puppy whose sire and dam have not been certified clear of hip dysplasia by the
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, a qualified veterinarian, or a certified radiologist, unless there is a written contract
of sale for said puppy which has been signed by both buyers and sellers and which sets forth that the sire and/or dam
have not been certified as being clear of hip dysplasia as provided above.

7. Member breeders will accept responsibility for those animals resulting from their breeding’s that are abandoned or
found in shelters.

8. Advertising will be factual. It will not be worded so as to attract undesirable buyers nor to encourage raising and
selling dogs for profit. Members will exercise care in evaluating prospective buyers with regard to the suitability of the
home being offered.

9. Club members will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.